HLYB: You're Our Valentine

HLYB: You're Our Valentine

HLYB: You're Our Valentine

Campaign Overview

What better day to love Honda owners back than on a day that's all about love?

Honda Associates, including those at headquarters in Torrance, and at manufacturing facilities across the country, helped Cupid out this year. The Associates responded spontaneously in real time to fans who posted on Honda’s Facebook page, tweeted to @Honda or uploaded an Instagram tagged #Honda with a personalized, virtual Valentine.

Honda's "You are our Valentine" celebrates those who take the time to communicate with Honda by delivering an extra-special dose of love, featuring a photo and title of the responding Honda associate with a version of the original message to Honda.

This effort extends a series of feel-good surprises, known as "Honda Loves You Back," most recently for Monsters Calling Home. This continued effort finds ways to connect with fans and show appreciation to current Honda owners.


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