Happy Honda Days

Happy Honda Days

Happy Honda Days

Campaign Overview

Honda wants to be the warmth amid the winter cold with their new Happy Honda Days campaign.

In this year's Happy Honda Days TV campaign, Honda shows the magic and wonder of the holidays in fun, whimsical ways, connecting their vehicles to the moments that make the holidays so special. Each of five intricate spots were melded from three layers—live action (people/vehicles) + miniature sets + matte paintings—bringing the magical world inside the Happy Honda Days house to life. The spots show someone opening up different doors of a Happy Honda Days wooden house to reveal a world of Honda inside. Charming holiday scenes like snowball fights and ice-skating all revolve around their Honda, leaving consumers with the realization that the Happy Honda Days Sales Event really is the perfect time to get the gift they’ve been waiting for all year.

Happy Honda Days' goal is to celebrate an amazing year for the brand, boost end-of-year sales by breaking through the seasonal advertising clutter and driving traffic. And this year we also want consumers to feel the joy and wonder that’s unique to Honda.


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Lookout Point

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