Civic Dream Track

Civic Dream Track

Civic Dream Track

Campaign Overview

Honda has built the first-ever crowdsourced stunt track to tout the sporty driving performance of the all-new Civic Coupe. The Civic “Dream Track” features stunt driver Matt Powers performing various stunts around the track, which include painting a duck on the course, having the Coupe burst through massive inflatable bowling pins, playing a giant game of pinball, and more. And today, Honda is debuting a video of the Dream Track across its social channels that showcases how through user-generated content, this first-ever crowd sourced racetrack has come to life.

How the Civic Dream Track Came to Life: Over the past few weeks, Honda leveraged Facebook and Twitter, asking fans for ideas on how to create the ultimate Dream Track (#CivicDreamTrack). The social posts asked fans to submit all kinds of ideas for inclusion in creating the Civic Coupe’s Dream Track, from deciding on what a giant, 12-foot piñata should look like and be filled with, to coming up with their own crazy stunts from scratch.

The best fan ideas culminated in the creation of the ultimate Civic Dream Track. The fans with the winning suggestions are incorporated into the track design and get a special shout-out from Honda.

Working with production company Mind Over Eye, several publications—Motor Trend, Automobile and Super Street—are activating Dream Track content on their social channels.

Sneak peeks have been featured on Honda’s Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube channels, leading up to the Civic Dream Track's video reveal on YouTube and other social channels today.

Dream Track

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