April Fools - HondaHAIR

April Fools - HondaHAIR

April Fools - HondaHAIR

Campaign Overview

Honda unveiled the first-ever mobile barbering tool for busy, cost-conscious families. The HondaHAIR will be available as a Honda Genuine Accessory that attaches to the 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite's HondaVAC to provide an efficient way to cut hair.

By simply snapping the HondaHAIR into place on the Odyssey Touring Elite's standard HondaVAC vacuum, the powerful suction can fashion the perfect bob, pixie or buzz cut. Capable of creating any style cut, the HondaHAIR offers affordability and convenience and transforms the cargo space into a virtual salon on wheels—eliminating the need to trek to the stylist or barber.

The HondaVac HondaHAIR accessory is the perfect complement to the do-it-yourself mobile haircut movement, which can be seen on more than 6,500 Pinterest boards, 100 Facebook groups and thousands of YouTube videos.

The HondaHAIR accessory will be available on the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite when it hits Honda dealerships later this summer. View video of the HondaHAIR in action on Honda's YouTube channel: http://honda.us/HondaHAIR.


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