We Know From Experience

We Know From Experience

We Know From Experience

Campaign Overview

Imagine looking outside your home window and seeing a group of deer partying in your swimming pool or you found a bear has broken into your home and has been tasting the food left in your refrigerator? Scenarios similar to this are the basis of the new Farmers Insurance campaign. The company's new, We Know From Experience, advertising campaign kicked off with two TV spots and a new interactive website that humorously convey to consumers that Farmers, over its 87 year history, has helped customers recover from some of the most unique --- yet very real --- claims.

In the new campaign, J.K. Simmons reprises his role as scholarly and erudite Professor Nathaniel Burke, who introduces consumers to true stories of strange, unlikely and even unbelievable claims that real customers have experienced. As he leads into each spot, Prof. Burke, acting as proxy for Farmers Insurance agents, shares that, "At Farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything."

One of the introductory television ads, "Stag Pool Party," tells the story of a real claim from Colorado involving deer that caused severe damage to a customer's swimming pool after inadvertently getting stuck in the pool.

The other television spot, "Smash and Grub," tells the true story of a claim from California where a bear broke into a customer's vacation home, causing destruction to the homeowner's belongings and to the home itself.

Integrated digital units will drive people to a new interactive site on www.farmers.com/hallofclaims supporting the We Know from Experience platform. Visitors will be able to explore exhibits of some of the claims stories, each describing the claim story.

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