Know the Gaps

Know the Gaps

Know the Gaps

Campaign Overview

Farmers Insurance has launched a friendly, easy-to-navigate interactive application to help consumers learn if gaps are hiding in their insurance. Two new Farmers TV spots, "Giovanni" and "Proposargh," also aim to help consumers become smarter and more informed about their insurance. This new work features J.K. Simmons as Professor Nathaniel Burke, who continues to act as a proxy for Farmers agents.

The "Know the Gaps" experience housed at and is educational and interactive. After answering a short series of questions about current insurance coverages, consumers will see a visually interesting summary of 10 potential insurance gaps, such as insufficient homeowner’s coverage for more expensive items or following significant home renovations. The site also helps to explain comprehensive and collision or uninsured and underinsured coverages that are often assumed to be, but are not included, in a basic automobile insurance policy. Consumers will also have access to a downloadable PDF summary of their potential gaps that can be shared with any insurance agency or provider.

Farmers collaborated with MSN, USA Today, The New York Times, Trulia and the National Football League to provide custom editorial content, which launched on a rolling basis. The content also includes a "How to" video series about common insurance gaps presented by personal finance expert Vera Gibbons as well as a video feature channel, "Coverage Gaps," on that will present big plays from the week that resulted from exploited gaps in the opponents line. Additional videos, articles, interactive polls and games, along with engaging banner advertising, will be hosted by media partners Facebook, Google and Yahoo to further extend the "Know the Gaps" experience and key messaging.


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