Breathing new life into an enduring campaign [old version]

Breathing new life into an enduring campaign [old version]

Breathing new life into an enduring campaign [old version]

When you have a good thing going, you also have a challenge: finding new ways to communicate your message and tell your customers something they haven’t heard before, without straying from the core strategy and benefit that made you relevant to their lives in the first place.

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Since we first introduced the world to Professor Nathaniel Burke and the “University of Farmers” idea six years ago, our strategy for Farmers Insurance has been focused on smarts: the smartest agents offering the smartest insurance. After the first couple of years, we even evolved the campaign to help our customers get smarter and “Mind the Gaps” in their coverage.

Naturally, we were looking for where to go next. So we started by going back to the original benefit: what do smarter agents mean to customers in the grand scheme of their lives? Our research and insights team uncovered the answer: it means they’ve seen and dealt with it all. Before you’ve even experienced a problem, your Farmers agent probably has the answer waiting.

We brought the idea that our agents have seen it all to life in television through individual stories from the Farmers “Hall of Claims,” a metaphorical repository of the real and really unbelievable.

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Truth in Digital Advertising

Visiting an insurance website is a naturally utilitarian experience: rates, quotes, coverage and fine print. But we also wanted to build a bridge between the TV campaign and the digital experience, which led us to the idea of creating an online version of the Hall of Claims. An interactive microsite gave visitors a more impactful connection to the insurance answers they were seeking, with the ability to explore true Farmers agent stories in greater detail, and learn more about how the right kind of coverage can come through for you when life goes sideways.

Visit the Hall of Claims

“We are constantly blown away by RPA’s ability to find smart new ways to reinvent this campaign, year after year.”

Jenny Howell, director of advertising, Farmers Insurance