Campaign Overview

Tesoro, a leading U.S. refiner and marketer of petroleum products and owner of the ARCO brand, recently launched an integrated campaign to build awareness around ARCO's newly acquired TOP TIER® designation. "TOP TIER®" means that ARCO gas exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) minimum detergent requirements to help clean critical engine parts.

The objective of the campaign is to strengthen ARCO brand perceptions among General Market and Hispanic consumers who demand both value and quality. Consumer research insights revealed that the ARCO target views their vehicles as their lifeblood and many share a special connection with their vehicles, almost as if it were a member of the family. These insights provided the groundwork for the new ARCO campaign platform:"Your car puts up with a lot. Help protect it from harmful engine deposits. ARCO has quality TOP TIER® gas for less."

The campaign began in July with one 30-second TV spot and outdoor, followed by two more 30-second spots and 15-second cut-downs__; four radio spots__; out-of-home in seven southwest cities__; online pre-roll and display__; point-of-purchase materials__; a revamped home page and sponsorship activations with select southern California Major League Baseball teams. It concentrates on Tesoro's southwest ARCO footprint, which includes Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

Embarassing :30

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