Free Rent For Life

Free Rent For Life

Free Rent For Life

Campaign Overview premiered the ultimate sweepstakes—free rent for life or free rent for a year to amass reviews on the site. is committed to being the ultimate ally for apartment searchers and understands the value of user-generated property reviews during apartment hunts. Actor Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower, the eccentric Silicon Valley Maverick and visionary futurist behind, will drive awareness and participation in the sweepstakes through a supporting advertising campaign.

The Rent for Life Sweepstakes Promotion offers apartment dwellers the chance to live "rent free" by submitting a review of their current apartment to During the 12-week program period, from July 20 through October 12, will randomly select one reviewer per week to win free rent for a year for a total of 12 winners. At the conclusion of the sweepstakes, will randomly select and announce one winner to receive free rent for life.

Media is planned to support the Free Rent for Life campaign. On national TV, the two spots, "Rentless Future" and "Contest" will air during network prime and cable as well as Hulu and NBC full episode player. Digital will be extended on display, pre-roll and rich media as well as on social platforms. Local market radio is also planned.

Social plays an integral role in promoting awareness of the Free Rent for Life sweepstakes and driving submissions and features announcement posts on Facebook and Twitter, including weekly winner recognition posts for each winner of Rent for a Year. will also leverage fan reaction and excitement by re-sharing or reposting select posts.

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