RPA Foursquare Mayor
by Tyler Sweeney
February 13, 2013

There was no office election. No posters asking people to vote me into office. Not even a single baby to kiss. I like to think of my foursquare mayorship of RPA as a check-in dictatorship.

Yeah, the view from the top of the social ladder is quite spiffy, I might add. So many perks come with this job. I get my own cube, I get invited to speak at meetings, and I even get my own business cards. I like to play it cool sometimes though, ya know? Not let my title of mayor get to my head — really live amongst my fellow RPA citizens sometimes.

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility and I plan to do right by the citizens of RPA with my title. Whether that's opening the door for a fellow Associate, or looking up some social media insight for them, I'm up for the challenge.

As the digital campaign continues and other Associates try to check-in to knock me down from the title as mayor, I forge ahead and serve in the capacity that I know a mayor should. Yet... I'm still waiting for my extremely large key to the office...