My First Day At RPA
by Stephanie Kent
April 09, 2012

If you're anything like me, one does not simply walk into a new job fully rested and self-assured. New-job jitters never fail me as an internal alarm clock, routinely going off every hour the night before a first day. I lie awake, half-heartedly peddling through my REM cycle, and asking myself, "Will I find the support I need to grow in my career? Will there be opportunities to write myself into a Super Bowl spot?" And most important, "Will my Mordor jokes cut it?"

When I got the call that I'd been hired by RPA, I pumped my fist so high I nearly nicked my ceiling fan. So why was I so nervous? I guess I didn't know how to properly wrap my head around it: I'd be devoting three full days a week to all of my favorite things. Writing, collaborating and creating all day would be my job? And these activities would not only be fostered, but also encouraged...? It didn't add up. How is this job even real?

I had barely walked through the main doors on my first day when I was given everything I'd need: a bright-orange tote bag acting as an all-access pass to guide me through my internship. Among the bag's pens, notepads and orientation materials were helpful tips to keep me afloat. It's clear that RPA is a place where personal and professional growth are interwoven, which is why I took the opportunity to write myself into next year's Super Bowl spot. Oh, wait, that hasn't been cleared yet? OK, maybe I'll hear back on that next week. Maybe.

I not just an intern—I'm an associate, because RPA understands such distinction inspires great work. I'm convinced that Jay-Z was thinking about RPA when he wrote "Empire State of Mind," but then New York must have offered him some insane tax breaks so he'd take the song in a different direction. At this point, the only thing I'm nervous about is that I haven't been given a branded cup to use at Happy Hour yet. But I guess there's always something more to work toward.