Why I Work Here
by Stephen Brandewie
August 27, 2012

Every business has a culture. I love RPA's.

When I first moved out to L.A., I sent my resumé to every available position at every company under the search: "Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles." Some I had heard of; many I hadn't. RPA was one of the latter. Thankfully though, I found my way here.

People are the foundation of a business, and RPA is proof of that. I know there are some agencies that ignore personal well-being for the betterment of the company. That's not RPA. There is a strong culture here that supports the idea that happy people create a happy working environment, and you can feel it the moment you walk through the doors.

RPA is full of hard-working individuals who are efficient with their time. No one is ever forced to stay in the office all night just for the sake of it. People come to work; they do their jobs during normal business hours and try to go home at a reasonable time.

I came to RPA as an assistant with the understanding that it was only a launching position. My bosses supported my personal and professional growth by letting me meet with people from other departments to see where I would best fit in the company. RPA encourages its employees to strive for what they really want to do in life. Everyone is allowed to apply for open positions within the agency, even if that position doesn't fall within their current department.

I can attest to this, as I have been promoted from an assistant position closer to the accounts department to a position in presentation services, working with our studio. Now I'm one step closer to my goal of becoming a creative.

However, the most rewarding aspect of working at RPA is the respect you get from its people. From the executive suites down to the mailroom, everyone shows and treats each other with respect. Egos are checked at the door—usually with a big smile and a "good morning" from our kindhearted receptionists.

Think you fit RPA culture? Check out our open positions here.