60 Seconds with The Rupos
October 25, 2011

The Rupos are RPA's proudest accomplishment.* They came, they rocked, and they won thinkLA's AdJam, an annual Battle of the Bands that renders one agency victorious. We interviewed frontman Joe Ceglia, guitarist Chris Juhas, drummer Vanessa Dunlap, and bassist Geoff Tarr about the truth behind the music.


So Chris, this is the first thing you've ever won in your life, yeah?
CJ: Yep.
In one word, describe your music.
GT: Glamour.
Is the worst part about practice when Joe makes you listen to his guitar solo over and over?
GT: No, it's when he does that with his vocals.
If we had to give the nickname "Barn Cat" to one of you, whom would it fit best?
VD: I would say Joe.
CJ: Joe.
GT: Yeah, Joe.
Name a guilty pleasure from your music collection.
CJ: And Rick Astley.
Vanessa, are you the only drummer who wears Louboutins?
VD: Yep.
Has anyone in the band asked Vanessa out? Or do they know what we do—that she'd say no?
CJ: Yeah, all three of us have...
Chris, do you believe dragons ever existed?
CJ: Yes.
In most bands, the drummer is the most hated, but in this one it's the bassist. Why is that?
GT: Well, I pretty much just ditched right after we won.
Are you worried Spotify will reveal your crappy music tastes?
GT: Spotify's gonna blow us up.
According to you, Vanessa, who sweats the most?
VD: Barn Cat Joe.
Are you guys free for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?
CJ: Children's parties, Vanessa's dad's high-school reunion.
VD: He said we could play if we learn 50 more songs.

*Internally, during the week of 9/25/11