60 Seconds with Super Bowl Panda
February 07, 2012

Ken, who goes by the stage name Super Bowl Panda has been a huge part of the success of the "Matthew's Day Off" Super Bowl commercial for Honda. We sat down with him at a café in Larchmont to get to know him a little better.

I'm sorry they wouldn't let you sit inside.
People don't know how to act around Pandas. But the water bowl on the ground was a bit much.

When was the last time you cried?
I cry at sunsets. They're so beautiful.

Complete this sentence, Panda bears make great                         .

That's sweet, do you work out?
Digesting bamboo is a workout in itself.

Favorite '80s disco medley
Stars on 45. It's just so danceable.

Has this commercial helped your love life?
I live with my parents; nothing can help my love life.

What about a mating site? Have you tried that?
I met someone once, but she had a habit of eating her fur.

When people greet you, do they shake your hand or pet you?
Half-hearted bear hugs generally. I don't enjoy them. Some people aren't comfortable with true intimacy.

Is your favorite room in the house the den?
Unfunny. Pandas live in trees, not dens.

Fill in the blank, Valerie Bertinelli makes me feel                         .
Like this interview is going nowhere.

If you were in Reservoir Dogs, would they have called you Mister Black and White?
That was sort of clever. I'd probably be a bit red too, if memory serves. You're back in my good graces.

Kung Fu Panda wears pants, why don't you?
I chafe a lot.

Some people have 6-pack abs, how would you describe yours?
A keg.

Brag about a part of your body.
I don't wear pants. You can brag for me.

What's on your leap list?
Reproduction, but there's probably a better way to phrase that. Actually, don't print that.

Last time you flossed.
I live on bamboo; it's like eating and flossing at the same time.

What's your Klout score?
51. I'm an influencer in fur, retro lunchboxes and SUVs.

Favorite Facts of Life Character?
I don't know that show, but it sounds like something Will Arnett would be on. I'd say him.