60 Seconds with Mike Margolin
February 21, 2012

Known for his taste for fine wine, well-ironed wardrobe and outstanding meeting attendance, V.P. and Interactive Director Mike Margolin took 60 seconds to tell us a few things we didn't know.

Do you think Larry David is the same person in real life that he plays on TV? About 80 percent the same.
What's one weird thing you're scared of? I know there's something...
Do you use recyclable bags? Yes.
Do you Google your exes? Done it twice.
Know anyone who can dunk? Not anymore.
Do you like mayonnaise? It's terrible-that's the weird thing I'm scared of.
Last time you flipped someone off while driving? Six months ago.
Last time someone flipped you off while driving? Yesterday.
Do you wish you were named something different? No.
Do you like rain? Sometimes.
What's the most you've ever spent on a bottle of wine? 125 dollars.
Do you drink bourbon at happy hours because you think you're better than everyone else? It's because I don't like waiting in lines for the kegs.
Whose closet is bigger, yours or your wife's? We share.