60 Seconds with Bryan Evans
July 27, 2012

When he's not directing art at work, Bryan enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic picnics and taking over the Internet with his viral blog, Applefied Ads. We interrupted his lunch break and asked the tough questions.

I heard you started a blog. What's it about?
"Applefying" products to make them look like Apple ads.

I have a blog, too; my mom reads it. Who's reading yours?
My mom... and about 400,000 other people.

Are you a fan of Apple?
I'm a huge fan. I have an iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, and I may have waited in line for the iPhone 3G....

Which type of apples do you like best?

If you could "Applefy" one thing in real life, what would it be and why?
Politics. No B.S.—it would be straightforward and minimal. Total transparency. I might get in trouble for that answer.

How did it feel to go viral?
It was a tingly sensation.

Did you always want to be a famous blogger?
Not in the least bit. I had no goals for the blog, and I'm surprised it's so popular.

Where did you go to school?
Pepperdine, though we prefer the name "Pepperfine."

Did you major in blogging and social commentary?
No, unfortunately, it didn't fit into my schedule. I had to settle for advertising and multimedia design.

What's your favorite meme?
Condescending Wonka.

I heard you got hired on full time. Are you going to miss being an intern?

Are your mom and dad proud?
Oozing with pride.

What's the dirtiest question you've asked Siri?
"What are you wearing?" For the record, she said, "In the Cloud, no one knows what you're wearing." Kinda killed the mood, Siri....